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Now you might be wondering,
  "Who is the Shanda Sumpter Success System For?" 



Join Thousands of Women and Men Who Have Taken
the Leap and Created Their Dream Freedom Businesses

"If you’re ready to make more money in less time and have more fun doing it than ever before, listen to my friend Shanda Sumpter!"

- Mark Victor Hansen - Author, Chicken Soup For The Soul

How to think differently so you can make better decisions that will lead you to success AND how to stop procrastinating so you can execute your dream freedom business plan all the way through

What is working right now in marketing to generate insane profit and make more money than you can spend, PLUS how to put your marketing in the right order that will allow you time-money freedom

How to find more of the right ideal clients that you love working with and how to get them to say “YES, SIGN ME UP!”

 ​“Using Shanda’s process, we went from dreading the one-­on­-one  client sales calls to actually looking forward to them because now they
were so much easier to  do, and they closed almost all the time”

- Bob Doyle, from the movie, The Secret

Over the years, as I have traveled to speak at events, coached entrepreneurs via the phone and email, and even through my time spent on Facebook and Twitter networking online . . . I have met many amazing women business owners, or aspiring women business owners, who have big dreams and goals. HOWEVER, they struggle.


I’m confident the Shanda Sumpter Success System can help if you are having any of these challenges:

1) You are maxed out, working 8+ hours a day, but are not generating a stable income or the income you desire.

2) You have a gift you want to share with the world, and you know who they want to help, but you can't find the right buyers who are willing to pay for your products and services.

3) You have so many ideas, but deciding which one to act on has kept you paralyzed from moving forward, and making money.

4) You know what you want to do but are unsure of how to monetize it or the steps you need to take to make your dream freedom business become a reality.

5) You feel stuck in your business and are not sure what the next step is for growth.

6) You are implementing too much, which is keeping you fromthem for doing any one thing with excellence or success.

7) You’re getting bogged down in your business, which is leaving you no time for the things you love to do most.

8) You have a dream for what you want your life to look like, but aren’t sure how to create a business that will get you there.

9) You want to take home an extra $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, or MORE every month!

Want To Know About The Shanda Sumpter Success System Curriculum? (AKA… “What Am I Going To Get?”) Sure! You Got It!


Shanda Sumpter is the founder and Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business. She’s a passionate business coach who has created a series of online marketing courses specifically for her own clients.

Shanda is a dynamic teacher and has transformed the financial lives of thousands of people through her products and group programs.

She successfully created new business ventures for emerging and established companies, including playing a significant part in the creation of $40 million plus in new business for a Las Vegas real estate firm, and has made it her mission to share with her clients the same principles and strategies that took her from a struggling entrepreneur to the CEO of a multi-million dollar empire.

She is extraordinarily committed to her client’s interests and goals and is a highly sought-after speaker for corporate companies, events, and organizations around the globe.

She specializes in assisting CEOs establish a foundation of recurring cash flow in their business models so they can move on to making a bigger impact in the world.

Considered to have the “Midas touch” Shanda has inspired visionaries worldwide to turn their dream businesses into a reality. With her contagious energy and proven strategies, she has empowered thousands to take control of their financial circumstances while sharing their gifts with the world.

Shanda lives on the beautiful coast of California with her son and partner, where she runs HeartCore Business from her oceanfront home office.

Got questions we haven’t answered here?  Write and we’ll be happy to help. Our business hours are M­-F  9am to 5pm PST. Our promise to you is that we will respond within 24 business hours.

By now you probably want to know,

"How does the Shanda Sumpter Success System Work?"



IMAGINE… what life would be like when you create your dream freedom business.

You will be in complete control of your professional and personal destiny.

And you can get all that for less than what you’ll spend during a trip to the mall with one of your girlfriends.

This is already an unbelievable value, but let me add a cherry on top that is going to make this deal even sweeter, by removing all the risk in giving this a try.

If you have ever dreamed of having a life of no worries—being able to pay your bills, buying a nice home, sending your kids to college, taking a great vacation, or having the freedom and money to make a difference for others . . . I am about to share with you how to make those dreams come true (and how it may be less complicated than you think).

Hi! I’m Shanda Sumpter, founder of HeartCore Business, and it’s my mission to transform your financial life by giving you the step-by-step system you need to get your business launched and make money.

It saddens me to see so many people, with powerful messages to share, struggling to make ends meet because they don’t get the help they need . . . and then they give up.

Over the course of my career, I have built several multimillion-dollar companies and have helped many of my students break through the six-figure (and seven-figure) ceiling.

But there was a time I had only $500 to my name. I will never forget the feeling of sitting on my apartment floor in Las Vegas, completely broke, unable to pay for my apartment and car --- even though I wanted to— and facing the prospect of having to live with my parents back in Canada as a failure. That’s when it hit me: it was time to take a risk.

I took a chance and hired a mentor on credit. That risk was the catalyst for a domino effect of miracles that set the stage for what became my own multimillion-dollar company, HeartCore Business.

And now . . . as mom of a new baby and partner to my guy, Ash, I am more grateful than ever that I have built a company that allows me to live my life on MY terms (which for me means taking off the last week of every month and the last month of every year, and only working half days when I do work so that I can spend most of my time with baby Zack). And I am passionate about helping you live life on your own terms, too.

Listen, I get where you are. You want to share your purpose. You need to make money while you do it. And you’ve got a LIFE to live. BUT, it’s TOUGH to help anyone else when you are struggling yourself. However, please take it from me that it doesn’t have to be that way. I can show you how to work less and earn more.

There’s a lot of chatter out there that sends the message that being a successful entrepreneur is only for the lucky few who happen to be at the right place at the right time, OR that you have to work really long, hard hours to be successful. That’s simply not true. The approach I have used over the past five years has proven this incorrect. Even if you have not perfected, or do not know, what you want to sell right now, you can start a business. You can build an audience, sell to that audience, and bring your business into a position where you earn money in the first year. With commitment, enthusiasm, and the right guidance, anyone can do it . . . and --- it’s important to repeat again --- they can do it in their first year!

In fact, this is exactly what I help my students do: You build your foundation the first year while still making great money (and replacing your income from your job, if you have one), the second year your business can create an overflow of cash, and the third and fourth year many businesses hit the seven-figure mark.

Traditionally, for others, this is not the case, and they think they are missing the “great secret” to creating a massively profitable business that aligns with their dream reality of spending more time with friends and family, and having time for fitness and fun. There is no “great secret.”

There is, however, a step-by-step system that gets you there, like the one I am about to invite you to explore.


The Shanda Sumpter Success System is a straightforward, step-by-step, and affordable self-study wealth-building system that can be used virtually by anyone in any business—whether you want to boost profits in an existing business or quick start a new business. (Yes! Even if you don’t have a business, this system can show you how to start one.)

My system will show you how to work smarter to increase your monthly income by developing a large customer list, marketing to your list to get them buzzing with excitement about your offer, and then how to leading 15- minute conversations to enroll new clients and create positive cash flow .… so that you can easily make money without sacrificing your relationships and your free time.

Whether you want to make a few extra thousand dollars a month or experience BIG $100,000 monthly revenues (like four of my students recently achieved), the Shanda Sumpter Success System will show you how.


I work from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., so during these times, I hired a 23- year- old young lady who is a nanny for my son. Here’s what’s great: She studied my program part time in the evenings and is now on her way to achieving financial independence. In a short period of time, she's been able to financially take care of herself, her boyfriend, put some money away for her retirement, and enjoy lots of personal time.

Sure, I am going to lose my nanny soon, but I feel is a lot of joy watching her get ahead in life, like many others who follow my system.

"As you can imagine, as Shanda’s nanny, I am always around successful entrepreneurs. I would travel with Shanda and her baby to different events and see all of the success her students were having, and I thought, ‘I can do that, too!’ So during my time off, I started studying Shanda’s Success System part time (just a few hours a week) and using what I learned to start my own business. In just a few short months I have built an audience of 2,200 people on my email database, enrolled three new clients that pay me monthly, and was just invited to speak at Dr, Christiane Northrup’s team dinner at the USANA Nationals . . . which is pretty cool! I still have my job and love what I do, but the extra income I make monthly from my business is helpful and I feel so empowered!"

Kate Sornsin, Certified Wellness Coach and Shanda Sumpter’s nanny for Baby Zack

I know you're probably thinking, “What Makes This the Best Wealth-Building System on the Market Today (and how is it different from all of the other ones out there that don’t seem to work?)”


Sure, there are a lot of other wealth- building courses on the market that have developed a stigma for not working and being the same ol’ stuff . And I’ll tell you myself that I even bought a lot of those courses, expecting great things, but ending up being frustrated and broke. Here’s how my system is different: this is based on my own real experience of building a million- dollar business from scratch in just three years, AND it has been duplicated over a thousand times by my own clients—and in many different industries. My students' successes speak for themselves when it comes down to how my Success System will work for you:

“After a year of working with Shanda, I feel more confident and excited about my business than I ever thought I could! Before discovering her, I’d spent a number of years feeling financially stressed and burned out. I wanted to turn my passion for teaching people how easy it can be to cook healthy, whole foods into a thriving business. But I was overwhelmed and had no idea where to start or how to make money.

Then I found Shanda and made the best business decision of my life. Simply following her clear, step-by-step instructions, within three months I built an email list of 7,900 people. And then in the next three months after that, I built my list by an additional 8,300 people! Better still, my list was filled with engaged leads truly interested in what I had to offer—my tribe! I started getting dozens of emails a day from people excited about what I’m doing. I began corresponding with them, and in my very first phone call with a new lead, I made a $2000 sale. And then over the next two months, I made $18,000 in sales. I couldn’t believe my dream could become my reality so quickly. And then this past six weeks, within two months of my second list build, I sold $132,000 of coaching.”

Jennifer Cornbleet, Raw Food Educator

“Working with Shanda has made my business cancer-proof. Just 90 days after committing to Shanda’s strategies, my doctors diagnosed me with stage 3 thymoma and I received a six-month chemotherapy treatment plan. I thought I would lose my business, but exactly the opposite happened— I've scaled. I've grown. I'm making more money now in less time than ever before.

Shanda has taught me how to build an audience. Through the summit, I've been able to engage an audience of qualified prospects who trust me as their go-to YouTube expert. My summit was not "huge," but I was able to launch a very productive and very profitable course. That course now generates five digits of monthly income.

Shanda has taught me how to build a recurring billing model. Not only am I making great money but my clients have signed ten-month agreements. The income recurs, which systemizes delivery and streamlines every freakin' part of the business. I've never been more efficient,effecient- working only a few hours per week.  My clients are achieving phenomenal success. For example, Jenny landed a thousand YouTube subscribers overnight!

The rest of my time is spent on other projects. Specifically, allowing my body time to heal from the cancer... and the chemo.

I'm very excited about the future.”

Owen Kemsath, YouTube Marketing Consultant

$30k in sales so far this week. Only $60k more and I'll have hit my group program goals! Doing a webinar today to create hot leads, and sell, sell, selling all weekend to make it happen. Confident that I'll do that and more. Yayyyyy!!!!!”

Julie Serot, Body-Mind Integrative Coach and Yoga Instructor

“I have three new private clients, two who paid in full. I have five for my new group coaching program which begins in September. I love my new group and what I am doing! I fall down less, get up faster, and feel more confident and powerful. I love HeartCore Business! Thanks, Shanda Sumpter!”

Devorah Spillman, Professional Story teller and Owner of Spilman Storyselling

When you say “YES!” to the Shanda Sumpter Success System, this is where you want to start:

Shanda’s Best-Selling Book, Core Calling:  How to Build a Business That Gives You a Freedom Lifestyle in 2 Years or Less!

Core Calling is my step-by-step dream freedom business playbook, created from 16 years of business knowledge, for building a million dollar-plus business while having a life. When you follow this plan— in the right order— you can build a business that makes you great money, all while leveraging your time, and retire a very happy person! Myself and over 1,000 of my students have tested everything in this book, and if followed to a T, it will produce a business that will give you a freedom lifestyle!

After you understand my step-by-step dream freedom business plan, you need to develop the skill set of enrolling clients with short, easy, and quick conversations. I will show you how in one of my most effective and wealth-generating trainings ever created:

Cash Flow: How to Increase your Cash Flow in Any Business with 15-Minute Conversations! ($1,500.00 VALUE)

This video training will walk you through my Step-By-Step ISOLVE Sales Model so you can increase your cash flow in short, 15-minute conversations. What’s different about this sales training is that the focus is on effectively communicating to your prospect that you can solve their problem so that they want to sign up to work with you, and not hard “used-car salesman” type sales. Whether you need to increase your sales conversions OR have never had sales conversations before and are unsure what to say or how to approach them, the Cash Flow Training will show you how.

In the Cash Flow Training, you will discover:

  • The 6-Step ISOLVE Sales Model that all of my students use—no matter who they are selling to or what business they are in—to enroll new clients for their business with ease (I will tell you exactly what to say and when to say it).
  • How to sell more of your offerings without ever feeling salesy, by solving your prospects’ problems so they can see how valuable it would be to hire you.
  • What to do when your prospect says no to get them to say YES!.
  • PLUS: Watch as my students role-play their sales conversations so you can see and hear what the ISOLVE Sales Model sounds like in real life.

Just about all of my clients would agree that this is the most valuable piece of the entire system!

  • After you place your order, the entire system will be delivered to you digitally via email the moment you sign up so that you can get started right away. 
  • Watch the trainings at your own pace OR watch the trainings all at one— the choice is yours as long as you follow the steps covered in the trainings in the right order, which is included in the welcome email.
  • Join us at the Zone Event. Two tickets are included in the system and will arrive in the mail with the rest of the system.
  • Revisit and review all of the materials whenever you want. You will own the Shanda Sumpter Success System for life!

 Shanda’s Exclusive Online Marketing Course ($297.00 VALUE) 

Countless numbers of smart people are becoming wealthy faster than ever because of the Internet. It’s made it much easier to build a business because it gives the average person, even if they are not business savvy, the ability to connect with people all over the world. There is a lot of money to be made on the Internet, because it gives you access to a lot of people who need you. If you have a computer and a cell phone, you can run a successful business from anywhere in the world today by connecting to hundreds of thousands of clients over the web.

My online marketing course will show you how AND will help you produce consistent earnings results by marketing your business online—even with a part-time effort.

In this course I share the strategies and techniques I use in my own business—and teach to my high-paying private clients—to market your business and build an audience who wants what you offer, online.

In my Exclusive Online Marketing Course, you will discover how to make money with a blog, including:

  • How to set up your blog, even if you aren’t tech savvy
  • What type of content to create for your blog and how to create with ease
  • How to get people to read your blog posts
  • How to build an audience of buyers from your blog
  • And more!

 Action Plan for Success: Top FOUR Email Templates That Converted over $300,000 in New Business Last December ($397.00 VALUE) 

This is your “Cut and Paste” solution for attracting new clients into your business. You can take these exact email templates and model them to generate new business in a very short period of time. In fact, I generated $300,000 in new business using these exact emails last December (which is notoriously known for being a slow season for non-retailers). They work! And when you sign up for the Shanda Sumpter Success System, they are yours!

2 Reserved Tickets to Shanda’s “The Zone Event” ($1,400 VALUE)

I want to invite you to join many of the world's most elite six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs, business celebrities, authors, experts, and thought leaders in Long Beach, California, for “The Zone Event.” At this three-day event just for business owners that SELLS OUT every year, you will learn my “proven to work” business growth strategies.

Imagine a room of amazing entrepreneurs where the purpose of this gathering is connecting everyone in the room to exchange business strategy and ideas in order to create more wealth in your businesses so you can make a bigger impact and live amazing lives.

That’s what happens at “The Zone Event”… and you’re invited to attend (and bring a friend at no additional cost) when you order the Shanda Sumpter Success System today.


Here is a brief summary of what you will experience:

Most people have to pay OVER $3,594.00 for all this, when purchased separately! And most people pay $7,500.00 OR MORE to work with me directly.  You won't even have to pay a fraction of that price.  Let's recap everything you get with the Shanda Sumpter Success System:

  • Shanda’s Best-Selling Book, Core Calling:  How to Build aA Business That Gives You A Freedom Lifestyle in 2 Years or Less!
  • Cash Flow: How to Increase your Cash Flow in Any Business with 15- Minute Conversations! ($1,500.00 VALUE)
  • Shanda’s Exclusive Online Marketing Course ($297.00 VALUE)
  • Action Plan for Success: Top Four Email Templates That Converted over $300,000 in New Business Last December ($397.00  VALUE)
  • PLUS, 2 Reserved Tickets to Shanda’s “The Zone Event” ($1,400 VALUE)

Priced individually, this premium package costs more than $3,594.00. But when you act today, you won’t pay half of that. You won’t even pay 1/10 of that price. I wanted to price my success system so it would be affordable for the masses so that in turn we could help a lot of people who are ready to create their own dream freedom businesses.

Take action right now, and get the entire Shanda Sumpter Success System for an incredible price!

Take advantage of our

  100% Satisfaction 30 Day
Money Back Guarantee

You heard from many business owners and entrepreneurs who have used the “Shanda Sumpter Success System” to attract more and better clients, close more sales, and more importantly, create their dream freedom businesses.

This system has worked for many others, and it will work for you, too.

But in the highly unlikely event that you aren’t 100% satisfied, I will promptly and courteously refund every penny of your purchase price.

No questions. No hassles.


“In less than 12 months, by implementing Shanda's systems and strategies, I grew my business from $10,000 per month to over $40,000 per month, and I actually am working fewer hours than before!  Now I get to take one week per month as a flex time week to spend more time with my family, with friends, surfing, and traveling more, all while still growing my business.”

Bret Gregory, Facebook Marketing Expert

“Shanda's Success Systems have completely transformed my business. I make more than I have ever made. When I was introduced to Shanda I had zero income. In January of 2016 my business will hit the $110k mark. I get to decide how much money I make these days because I know exactly what I need to do now in order to make it. I also get to decide how big I want my business to grow. In one 20 minute conversation I now know how to close a $9000 sale. This has given me freedom in my finances and in my time.

This has effected how I do business because I have a clear plan. I know what I need to do to hit my numbers and create the recurring income I need with the lifestyle I love.”

Cole Bombino, Love and Relationship Coach

“Just wanted to share— I booked my first client today. Hurray! This is a client I would NEVER have had except for this program. I finally feel like something is working. After so many years and so much effort. As I sit here with tears in my eyes and feeling truly hopeful for the first time in a very long time. Thank you, Shanda Sumpter!”

Kathy Scheiern, Business Breakthrough Coach

“I asked the Universe, if I was meant to go to Burning Man, to provide me a ticket and a means of going with ease and grace (i.e., I just needed it to fall into my lap.). I just closed a private client who is IDEAL! He said to me, "I really want to join your program, but I have to sell my Burning Man ticket to come up with the down payment . . ." Contract is signed, his deep dive starts when I receive the tickets via Fedex. I am four privates short of filling my private mentoring program and have no doubt I will fill this after my webinar next week! I've never had more fun growing my business. Thank you for EVERYTHING, Shanda Sumpter,  - and for helping me get out of my own way.”


Lorna Li, Internet Marketing Consultant and Creator of The "Entrepreneurs For Change" Podcast

“I just took a deposit for client #3. Holy he**! This is happening faster than I anticipated! I kept having this story that sales would be the hardest part for me … I'm committed to letting THIS be EASY!”


Bex Burton, Heart Trainer at Bex Burton Coaching

“BIG WIN! I just booked my first year long client … This is my first 12- month client (before it was six months). Plus, she had no objections. She was super ready, and I'm SO excited to work with her! Whoop whoop! It's really special to me that I followed the steps and got the results (already!).”


Amy Ramsey, CEO & Business Doula at Just Keep on Moving, Coaching and  Services

You've heard from more than a dozen of my students, so here's my question for you:  Will you be my next big success story?


“Shanda does not only give you a step-by-step blueprint, but she teaches you and holds you accountable in starting to think differently so you can once and for all break through the limiting patterns that have kept you stuck and start to make money consistently while also having a life!!!! I have learned a proven system where I can be up and running in a new business within 3–5 months and start making money.

For the first time I am not burned out, stuck, and making small pockets of money here and there.  Instead, I have more time off than I ever did with my other business. I am energized and excited about the process, and I am making consistent, sustainable income! Trust me when I say that your whole life will change from one of stuck and tired to one of abundance and wealth in every area! I don’t know of any other business models that encourage you to have freedom to enjoy your life and take time off.”

Britta Aragon, Natural Beauty Expert, and Creator and Founder of CV Skinlabs

At this point you have three options:


  1. Do nothing (and we all know that doing nothing is a surefire way to get nothing in return)

  2. Try to do this business thing on your own (you may get some results, but maybe not as fast as you would like)

OR (And this is what all of my successful students decided to do),

     3.  Use the Shanda Sumpter Success System, and follow a proven, easy-to-do, and affordable system to make your dream freedom business your reality.

Why would you put your dream freedom business off any longer? I want you to be winning now (and I know you want it too). Now is the right time since I know you certainly don’t want to be where you are right now, this time next year.

So, if you feel even a hint of curiosity that the Shanda Sumpter Success System could help you create your dream freedom business, ACT on it!\

Click the link below to secure your order at the special price of Just 3 Easy Monthly Payments of $32.99.


You're probably wondering,

"Is the Shanda Sumpter Success System right for me?"



As long as you have a passion for something and are willing to do the work (even if it’s just part time), you can be successful with my system. My system works, whether you have or want to start a business as a:

  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Service based business owner
  • Spiritual leader
  • Healer
  • Health care professional
  • OR more!

(Quite frankly, there are too many to list on this page.)

In fact, here's a great example of this:





Plus, I am including three amazing bonuses so I can help you get even greater results with my proven methodologies:


Just 1 Payment of $97!


Just 3 Easy Monthly Payments of $32.99!